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So I go on and on in previous posts about seizing the day etc., but there is a stark difference in actually doing it vs knowing that’s what I should be doing. As I make slow progress in my own projects, I wonder where the motivation I had senior year of college went (working 2 jobs, fulltime student, fulltime homework etc)? I know it’s a deep rooted drive in me to just work really really hard, but somehow the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and a frozen pizza always win out over going out and exploring LA on my own. I think now is probably the optimal time to begin that. I’ve been in LA for 6 months and a couple weeks, so for as much as I know about the city, I really know nothing. My adventures should result in more posts with more photos of interesting places and things around LA! Win win. So yeah, as March 1 approaches, that’s a better time than never to rediscover my energy and get all of the projects I have building up in my head out of my head and into reality. And if you have also let your 2013 goals start to slip, remember that it’s already 1/6th over. Yikes! Time just goes so fast when you get older!

New goal: do more interesting things so I can actually blog about said things, instead of blogging about thinking about doing those things.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The number of cars behind you that will continue through as well when you think you’re really pushing a yellow in LA. Never go too early on a green.

Happy New Year blog world! I rang in the new year in Malibu with my boyfriend and his family. It was absolutely beautiful. There is no better way to honor the new year than having a relaxing, comfortable night on NYE. Start with a clear mind!

Everyone is always making New Year’s resolutions, and this year I’m following in the same vein. Except with me, it marks just about 6 months since I moved to LA and I’m just ready to try something different. It just so happens to be a new year.

I won’t sit here listing all of my goals for the year (my whole life?), but I will tell you what I’ve learned: All of those things they tell you about being the change you want to be, and the only person who can change your life is you? It’s all true. I tried just sitting on my futon watching tv, grumpy and upset about not having another job (other than retail). But guess where that got me, oh yeah, no where. Not only was I literally in my apartment all the time, but it was sucking all of the creativity out of me. I couldn’t find inspiration staring at my (albeit very cute) Kleenex box and computer screen. Spending that much time inside was mostly just me finally settling in in LA, I think. The first 2 months I was working so much I hardly had time to realize the reality of everything. Although I felt acclimated, I wasn’t truly settled. I didn’t notice until I went home for Thanksgiving, either. Always a reality check to travel. Not to mention LA is such a time warp because there are no seasons. Today it was 70 and sunny. 70! January what? So yeah, I’m trying to get used to this.

I guess the reflective futon time was for getting settled. I’m now also your go-to reference for any episode of The First 48, 48 Hours, Intervention, Hoarders, Hoarding: Buried Alive, Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Haunting Of…, Teen Mom 2, Beyond Scared Straight, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, The World’s Strictest Parents, True Life, Catfish, Project Runway (Allstars and otherwise), 1 Girl 5 Gays, every RuPaul race there is, and probably another few that I’m forgetting. Yeah. Good times. That’s a lot of hours.

That’s also a lot of time to come to the realization that life is really really really really short. I’m not sure, but I think one of my firsts posts read CARPE DIEM. But really, carpe diem. Time to take all of those projects out of the closet (literally) and get on it. Use your Christmas for a sewing machine. Do what you’ve always wanted to. Explore your city. Call your parents. Even better, FaceTime your whole family while they’re just hanging out. Eat what you want (what is it with New Year’s diets?? How about, strive to be healthy and it’s ok if you fall off that bandwagon, because by the time you get where you think you should be diet-wise, you’re so sick of it you can’t keep up. Anyway. Enough of that.) Buy that $4 hot chocolate at Short Cake. Save the rest of your money. Keep smiling. Go outside as much as possible (ok, maybe only in LA right now. If you’re in legit winter, huddle near the closest fireplace with slippers and blanket as a cape). Keep in touch with old friends via snail mail. Meet new friends for dinner as much as possible. Don’t forget to sing in your car and go out dancing a lot. If you’re doing at least one of these things, you’re on your way to a happy, fabulous 2013!

I think I’ve hit

TV addiction rock bottom. I’m rewatching episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter.


I learned yesterday that giant moths are quite easy to lose, even in a studio apartment. I also learned that if you are patient enough, they will not stay hidden forever. In closing, it’s also very helpful that most apartment buildings in LA have outdoor hallways because you don’t have to go very far to set bugs free.

Happy November!

 So as the holiday season creeps nearer, it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that winter in LA is truly a joke. Not a bad joke, but still a joke. Today is November 1st. It’s been a rather overcast day, with sunshine peeking through midday. The gloomy morning made it feel a little bit like I was in Chicago, the white-ish, grey clouds threatening rain or even snow. But then the wooooosh of my hot water heater on my balcony reminded me that I still had my balcony door cracked open, and it was in fact almost 70 degrees out.

The funny thing is, people keep telling me, “Oh you’re going to turn into that LA girl, who is cold even when it’s only 50 at night!”. I laugh back at them and say that I’m apparently an LA girl who just happened to grow up in Chicago because let’s face it, anything below 65 with a breeze at night is FREEZING. If I’m not wearing a proper pea coat and Uggs, believe me, I will be shivering. The fact of the matter is that anything below 65 at night is terribly cold, whether that means 55 or 5 degrees. When it’s 5, I just have enough sense to pile on layer upon layer, whereas in LA it’s like, “Well it was 85 and sunny earlier, how cold could I get just wearing a simple cardigan?” The answer is, cold enough to wish I were wearing UGGS. I always laugh when I see the UGG store at the Grove, because I’m pretty sure there’s only one UGG store in Chicago, why would they need one in LA?. Realistically, I guess I should be more sympathetic, because I often wish I were wearing those foot-toasting, fluffs of joy. What I should really laugh at is stores selling legitimate snow boots such as Sorels (those are AWESOME on ice. Here the only ice they have is in your drink. And the ice rink they are attempting to build and maintain (?) in Santa Monica.). Also, the people wearing legitimate parkas and scarves when it’s 50. Although I’m often quite chilly, a light Patagonia fleece, or a thick knit with a scarf will suffice.

Not to mention, if you’re out to eat in LA at night, you can count on there being heat lamps blasting. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it’s WONDERFUL. I can’t stress enough how much Chicago needs to adopt this practice. Imagine that brisk chilly September evening under the stars suddenly 25 degrees warmer. You can sip that drink a little longer, maybe get a dessert—yes, even with ice cream. Your night on the town isn’t cut short by the impending cold.

This all being said, from now until April, I will be one toasty happy camper, struttin around LA in my UGGs and light jacket while my ankle-length down coat hangs at my parents’ place in Chicago collecting dust. The real moral of the story is that all of you Chicagoans should probably come visit me soon. And you can leave your snow gear at home!!